Everett Alumni Foundation


I am a board member of the Everett Alumni Foundation and was commissioned to rebuild our website as well as build out a few communications campaigns, and institute some Constituent Relationship Management.

This was possibly the largest project I’d done to that point in terms of scope.

Website and Content

I was responsible for creating new services for alumni, new pathways for connection, resources for them to connect on their own and a fresh new website complete with content and copy for all of it.


As I write this, we have upwards of 450 alumni, and only about half of them have been contacted in any way. To accomplish our goals of reuniteing everyone, engaging the base, and funding ourselves, we needed a way to:

  • Organize them accross many different dimensions
  • Manage our communciations
  • Templataize personal follow ups and cases
  • Process membership dues and donations securely


I drew plans for various campaigns to engage the alums who were already listening for us, as well as reactivate those who’ve lost touch.

These campaigns focused on various goals such as fund raising, membership drives, community building, fomenting FOMO.